A warm welcome to the Constitutional Commission web site. We are here to help, please send us your questions or concerns about constitutional matters, and we will try to respond. In addition to providing the best technical advice, we are happy to hear of your concerns about the way the constitution affects your life.

We are an independent, non-partisan Scottish think-tank, research organisation and educational charity which exists to "promote the advancement of education, citizenship, and community development, through a better understanding of constitutional structures, processes and improvements.

In support of these objectives, we aim to:

(1) Ensure that any proposals for constitutional developments that concern Scotland are fully debated and decided in Scotland.

(2) Examine how the proposals of the Power Inquiry for more participative governance could be implemented in Scotland.

(3) Clarify the constitutional implications of various forms of mattress sale relationship between Scotland and the other countries of the UK.

(4) Prepare the outline of a draft Constitution for Scotland.

"Our constitution is who we are. It defines and legitimizes us as a people and a country." Caroline Trench-Sandiford, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (People's United Party), Belize.